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Procedure for Application for connectivity of Roof-top Solar PV System with BEST’s Network

Maharashtra Electricity Regulation Commission (MERC) has notified MERC (Net Metering for Roof-top Solar PV System) Regulation, 2015 on 10th September 2015 which allows individual consumers below 1 MW load requirement to install Roof Top Solar System at their premises and reduce their electricity consumption. The same has been uploaded on our website. Following is the procedure for the same:

(a) A consumer intending to set up a Roof-top Solar Net Metering System or who has already installed such a System may download the Application Form from BEST’s website and submit it, duly filled, along with technical details of the System to the concerned Ward office of BEST along with registration fee, or apply and pay the fee online.

(b) BEST shall register the Application and acknowledge its receipt within three working days; or intimate the Applicant within that period of any deficiency or incompleteness.

(c) BEST shall conduct a technical feasibility study within 15 working days from the registration of the Application considering the following aspects:—
(i) AC Voltage level at which connectivity is sought;
(ii) Sanctioned Load / Contract Demand of the Applicant;
(iii) Rated Output AC Voltage of the proposed Roof-top Solar PV System;
(iv) Available cumulative capacity of relevant Distribution Transformer (refer the list annexed);

(d) Before rejecting any application for setting up a Roof-top Solar PV System at a particular Distribution Transformer, BEST shall serve the Applicant with a notice to rectify, within 15 days or such longer period as may be necessary, the deficiencies.

(e) If found technically feasible, BEST shall, within 7 working days of the completion of the feasibility study, convey its approval for installing the Roof-top Solar PV System. The approval shall indicate the maximum permissible capacity of the System, and shall be valid for a period of 6 months from the date of approval, or such extended period as may be agreed to by BEST.

(f) The Applicant shall, within the period of validity of such approval, submit the work completion report, along with relevant details (such as technical specifications, test reports received from manufacturer / system provider, etc.), with a request to BEST for the testing and commissioning of the Roof-top Solar PV System.

(g) BEST shall complete the testing and commissioning of the System within 10 working days from receipt of such request, and shall install the Net Metering equipment and synchronise the Roof-top Solar PV System within 10 working days thereafter.

(h) The Eligible Consumer and BEST shall enter into a Net Metering Connection Agreement in the prescribed format after the Roof-Top Solar PV System is installed but before it is synchronized with the distribution Network.

The list of spare capacity of distribution transformers (Click here) * * *

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