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Electric Supply & Transport
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Head Office:

Address : 1st Floor, BEST Bhavan,
BEST Marg Colaba, Mumbai 400 001
Tel. No.: +91-22-22856262 ( Operator )
Fax No.: 022-22851244

For any complaints/suggestions :
In respect of Transport-Bus Complaints/Suggestions

Contact - 1800-227-550 (Toll Free)
E-mail -: [email protected]

In respect of Electric Supply Off Supply / Breakdown of Electric Supply / Fault
South Mumbai - +91-22-22085888, +91-22-22082875
North Mumbai - +91-22-24145888, +91-22-24114891

On Line/ ECS Payment of Electricity bill/complaints/suggestions
South Mumbai - +91-22-22799559
North Mumbai - +91-22-24194549

For Street Light (Lamps) :
South Mumbai - +91-22-23771839 (Mondays to Saturdays 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.)
+91-22-22066611 (All days after 5.00 p.m. to 9.00 a.m.)
+91-22-22066661 (All days after 5.00 p.m. to 9.00 a.m.) (Phatakwadi Fault Control)

North Mumbai - +91-22-24101517 (Monday to Saturday 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.)
+91-22-24194534 (Monday to Saturday 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.)
+9122-24146611 (All Days 10.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.)
+91-22-24146683 (All Days 10.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.) ( Dadar Fault Control)
E-mail -: [email protected]
E-mail -: [email protected]


Address : 2ndfloor, Electric House,
BEST Marg, Colaba, Mumbai 400 001
E-mail -:[email protected]

For any information pertaining to BEST Undertaking :

Shri M.V.Gosavi
Dy.Public Relations Officer
Tel.No.-: +91-22-22799395 / +91-22-22799396

Note :- Each Department of the BEST Undertaking has its own State Public Information Officer and Ist Appellate Authority to give information pertaining to their departments. The information about the same is available on this website.

The concept of Public Relations took shape in USA in 1930. In India, it was accepted during the period of World War-II. However, in BEST, Public Relations Department came into existence in 1950 the Secretary was dealing with the work of Public Relations. In the beginning, the function of the department was to attend complaints of passengers and consumers and to educate the people about the working of Undertaking. In nut shell, the department used to act as a mediator between the BEST management and Mumbaikars. However, the concept of Public Relations has changed over a period and role of Public Relations Department in BEST has also enhanced. A bride resume of the department working as under :-

  1. Press Cuttings -Every morning, the department has to go through almost all the newspapers published in the city and take out press cuttings related to BEST, BMC and any such important news and submit compiled report of the same to the General Manager and Chairman.

  2. Press Notes -To educate the general public about the happenings in the Undertaking, press notes are issued from time to time. The press notes are generally released on subjects such as introduction of new routes, diversion, cancellation of BEST services, special BEST services during holidays and festivals, changeover ofvoltage, revision in bus fare, electricity tariff opening and closing of Cash counters etc.

  3. Special Efforts for Image Building -The department plays an important role in boosting up the image of the Undertaking. The department arranges for vital coverage of the various activities of programmes of the Undertaking through Print & Electronic Media and also FM Radio Channels. Besides, Interviews of Chairman/General Manager of the Undertaking are also arranged with electronic and print media.

  4. Replies to the Complaints/Suggestions -Complaints/ suggestions received directly by the department or appeared in the news papers are promptly replied after getting the justification from the concerned department with the approval of the competent authority of the BEST Undertaking.

  5. Press Conferences - On special occasions and as per the directives of the management the press conferences are arranged by this department.

  6. Advertisements -The department makes arrangement to publish advertisement of the Undertaking in the various news papers. The department also prepares bill vouchers for releasing payment of these advertisement.

  7. Awareness Campaign -The department takes special efforts for the implementation of various campaigns such as Awareness for usage of Public Transport, Promotion of Air Condition Buses, Security Measures Drive, Promotion of Consumers/Commuters friendly services etc. Besides the department is also entrusted with the job of receiving guest and make arrangement of their lodging and boarding.

  8. Administration Report -The department has been entrusted with the job of compiling, editing and printing of Administration Report of BEST Undertaking. The department makes all efforts to make the administration report more interesting.

  9. Publishing of House Journal - The department publishes house journal called the BEST VARTA. The very concept of house journal was introduced in the year 1959. It was then named as 'BEST Bulletin' and used to be published in three language viz. Hindi, Marathi and English. The 'BEST bulletin' became 'Best News' after some years and now it is BEST Varta. It includes reports of various functions/programmes and also information related to meritorious performance of the employees and their family members in the field of education, art, sports and literature. Articles and stories of the employees, photographs of retirees should also publish in it. In addition to this articles related to the periodical problems and events such as various festivals, Rainy Season, Health Problem like Leptospirosis, SARS, AIDS. Interviews of dignitaries are published in it. The magazines has proved to be effective channels of information and communication within the organisation. It is very popular amongst officers and employees.

  10. THE BEST STORY -The department has also published a book named THE BEST STORY in the year 1972. The script of this book was written by renowned Marathi novelist and ex-BEST employees Shri S.N.Pendsey. The work of English edition was done by Prof. M.V.Rajadhayaksha. The book narrates a complete history of BEST Undertaking. Apart from the educative information possess some rare photographs of bus models, old street lamps, old electric installation etc. A second edition of this book with the updated information was published on the occasion of golden jubilee year of the Municipalisation of BEST i.e. 7th August, 1997 this book is also written by Shri Pendsey and work of English edition was looked after by Prof. Rajadhayaksha. It is a priced publication and the actual price of the book is Rs.100/-. However, it can be purchased at a discount rate of Rs.65/- from Public Relations Department.

  11. Right to Information Act 2005 -State Public Information Officer job has been assigned to the post of Asst. Public Relations Officer to give information pertaining to Public Relations Department, whereas the job of 1st Appellate Authority has been assigned to Deputy Public Relations Officer pertaining to Public Relations Department. Each department of the BEST Undertaking has its own State Public Information Officer to give information pertaining to their departments. The information of the same is available on this website.

  12. Letters to Editors -PRO/Dy.PRO clarifies the issues, letters received through print media via writing letters to the editors of concerned newspapers.

  13. Issue of Bus Pass to Reporters who will cover the BEST -As per the resolutions passed by BEST Committee and subsequently MCGM the Bus passes at concessional rates are issued to the Journalists who covers BEST/BMC Meetings, functions events etc. The Public Relations Department thus plays a vital role in protecting the image of the Undertaking.

  14. Facebook -Public Relations department maintains official Face book page of the Undertaking for establishing a direct dialogue with audience i.e. commuters and consumers through furnishing information like new bus routes, bus fare, electricity tariff etc. uploading photos and videos of various events, functions, arranging quiz competitions for audience.

  15. Giving Information to News Reporter for news purpose -PRO & Dy.PRO disseminate information regarding any rewards, achievements, beginning of new bus routes etc,. To Journalists and information about collisions/accidents as per the demand of Journalists even after duty hours.

  16. Giving Information to students for study purpose - PRO & Dy.PRO furnish the details about BEST Fleet, Operations, statistical data regarding fleet, earnings, expenditure etc to students for their project work.

  17. Data for Research Purpose -PRO & DY. PRO furnish important statistical data required to Professors and Research Scholars for the purpose of research.



A. General Bus Operation information :

Contact No. : 1800 22 7550

B. Emergency & Accidents
Traffic Control Room/Bus Control Room

Contact No. :

(91-022)-24137937 / 24143611/
24146262 Ext.801

C. Bus Operation Suggestion for Routes :

E-mail : [email protected]

D. Refund of Passenger Balance :
Sr. Administrative Manager (Ticket and Cash)
1st floor,
Traffic Administration Building,
Wadala Depot,
Mumbai 400 031,
Maharashtra, India.

Contact No. : (91-022)-24183360-24157179

E-mail : [email protected]

E. Accident and Claim :

2nd floor Mumbai Central Bus Depot,
Mumbai Central,
Mumbai Maharashtra,

Contact No. :

(91-022)-2308 7393
E-mail : [email protected]

F. Lost Property Claims :

Senior Administrative Officer ( Traffic )
2nd floor,
Traffic Administration Building,
Wadala Depot,
Mumbai 400 031,
Maharashtra, India.

Contact No. : (91-022)-24128596
E-mail : [email protected]

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