Changes in the field stage, occurred in a split between when people get to be recovered, is seen giuseppe zanotti outlet appeared in the stage, and immediately all the face of the shock, this is what happens? That did not bother giuseppe zanotti shoes deadpan giuseppe zanotti outlet, just looking down at the hands where red dispersed, revealing the size of a longan red beads, bead surface covered with obscure Ming pattern, in that which has extremely violent surging flood of spiritual power. "Broken Lingzhu ..." giuseppe zanotti sneakers slender fingers fondle the smooth grinding red beads, a faint smile, that smile just a little cold, this is not to break Lingzhu practice, but a devastating Spirit devices, some strength to achieve some degree of strong, powerful spiritual force can be compressed into this tiny beads, and the user and need to be pushed, it can burst out quite powerful spiritual force attacks. Manufacturing Lingzhu broken spirit requires a special metal called gold, the metal price is quite expensive, plus the manufacture of the spiritual power needed to break Lingzhu extremely precise control, and a high failure rate, it is also resulting in broken Lingzhu quite rare, now giuseppe zanotti shoes hands Fengyun, cohesion degree view of its spiritual power, I am afraid that even the spiritual strength of the people throughout the wheel, had to be no small hit. Giuseppe Zanotti this time is to wake up, pale and even more so that he may know the rules of conduct but guilty, punished once, it can not be easily and immediately he is also fiercely staring Giuseppe Zanotti, hand out. "Brother, things take it over, do not let him have evidence!" Hear the words of Giuseppe Zanotti, giuseppe zanotti outlet SG eyes also flash, they are after all identity is not low, as long as no evidence giuseppe zanotti shoes sale, these things can also be mixed in the past. "You then tamper with it, maybe we should Fengyun broken Lingzhu explode on you." Gang Yu, however, he has movement, giuseppe zanotti sneakers is a smile, broke two fingers tucked sinking Lingzhu, smiling Road.

giuseppe zanotti sneakers smiled and glanced at him, although it was very good giuseppe zanotti outlet hide, but he saw a hint of color from dark eyes, this guy than Giuseppe Zanotti, is to pour a little trouble indeed. "Since giuseppe zanotti shoes sale do not care about, and that the matter will be put down, but after Giuseppe Zanotti If dared so, no matter who your father is, I have to North Spirit hospital handled according to the rules!" Siew see giuseppe zanotti shoes willing to leave it alone and let he does not have a headache, heart is slightly relieved, but also for giuseppe zanotti sneakers men Duoliaoyifen favor, he immediately look to Giuseppe Zanotti, harsh tone. Giuseppe Zanotti pale green and red alternately, can not say anything, though, North Spirit hospital stay neutral in the North spiritual environment, but also not afraid of them willow domain. "Thank you, Dean of the" giuseppe zanotti outlet smiled, and then he held out his hand toward giuseppe zanotti shoes sale, said: "I ??also thank the giuseppe zanotti sneakers, oh, you are also the day after the session's participants, I am very interested in you, hope to have opportunity to exchange it. " Giuseppe Zanotti has a smile on his handsome face, but that deep dark eyes flowing freezing cold, but just a handful of people can perceive. giuseppe zanotti shoes looking giuseppe zanotti outlet, the lean and Jolly's face also has a sunny smile surfaced, shook hand with giuseppe zanotti outlet, then recovered, deep eyes, still calm as a pit. giuseppe zanotti outlet indeed very good, but also know how to forbear, but, with those living in harmony with the spirit of the road into a smile, and then we can not hesitate metamorphosis under the ruthless hand compared to the furnace still not quite right. Taiwan on the field, the two shook hands, though they are smiling, but some sensitive people can still feel faint beneath that calm surging a tit for tat. "It really is a bit many giuseppe zanotti shoes ... ah, facing giuseppe zanotti outlet can actually did not allow." Not far away, those seniors giuseppe zanotti sneakers men session of the West saw this scene, but also could not help but said, do not say giuseppe zanotti sneakers strength how dare stand alone in this spirit giuseppe zanotti outlet before, enough to get them raspberry. "After our day session of the North Spirit Hospital No. With this figure rose up, fear is to some lively slightly ..." Giuseppe Zanotti roll wisp of black hair, beautiful eyes looking at the narrow field that stood in front of the stage giuseppe zanotti outlet boy, boy body Xin long face, the kind of temperament, and for years before that lazy little boy very different kind of gap, so that was a little bit of her trance.

School test gradually ending, but heat caused by the hospital test, but it is still shrouded in North Spirit Hospital, within a few days, the entire North Spirit homes are discussing this in a fierce battle of homes tested. North Spirit hospital, giuseppe zanotti shoes not assertive, if not the spirit of the road because things may not have too many students to pay attention to him, even if he also has a background identity is not weak, but with this dazzling Giuseppe Zanotti character than, reputation is always still a little gap above the face giuseppe zanotti sneakers men of touch with Giuseppe Zanotti, before there will be many people who wanted to look good giuseppe zanotti sneakers. But is such an accident happened on their noses. Seemingly low-key giuseppe zanotti shoes sale, strong beat Giuseppe Zanotti, ranking first session to be successful ascend day of the session, but no one knows for his clever throughout the mid-strength, even in the day session of the North Spirit among hospital are able to have a good ranking. This had some people wonder, this time they just think, giuseppe zanotti shoes able to get that unique spirit throughout North Hope Road qualifications, it would not feel so unbelievable. North Spirit hospital, day of the session participants considered the convergence of all outstanding land and want to ascend day of the session, the first condition is needed into the Smart Jin territory, that is to say, within days of the session, the weakest students are clever strength throughout early. Each student, giuseppe zanotti sneakers will be regarded as goal-day session, because this is Jin into the "giuseppe zanotti sale" the only springboard, so only ascend to the day of the session, it would only be eligible to compete for Jin into the "giuseppe zanotti sale" places. "giuseppe zanotti sale" extreme harsh selection, the first condition, that is, before the age of eighteen students need to achieve spiritual wheel territory, just this one condition, it is enough to make many teenagers get discouraged. Today North Spirit Hospital day of the session, the participants can reach this requirement, giuseppe zanotti sneakers probably not more than five people. And thus also able to see that this "giuseppe zanotti sale" What has the recruiting how horrible conditions, but despite the harsh conditions, Giuseppe Zanotti is still a teenager with numerous outstanding talent like moths to a flame sprint forward, because the powerful "giuseppe zanotti sale" the even giuseppe zanotti shoes very clear, do not look at this vast northern territory spirit, but in the "giuseppe zanotti sale" eyes, and perhaps even the ants do not like, here's the main one domain, at most, giuseppe zanotti sneakers men is the soul of God's strength throughout, and so strength, placed among giuseppe zanotti sale probably just a mentor can be surpassed.

In that "giuseppe zanotti sale" in, but really has a strong presence supreme level, that is between the super VIP gestures can be enormous. Similar giuseppe zanotti sneakers them this talented teenager, you want to countless talented evildoer in this big world is rife emerge, does not teach sex alone practice, the basic difficulty National Cheng Kung University, even the best diamonds in the rough, it just requires a master's carefully crafted can be dazzling, but the teachings of this high-end practice, the hospital can not give the Spirit of the North, giuseppe zanotti shoes father can not give. If giuseppe zanotti sneakers men in the side, then, according to animal husbandry and Feng describe, perhaps she can do, unfortunately ... So, giuseppe zanotti sale, is a variation on the road more, but the strong ridge. "Hey, you two hurry ... Today for the first time to-day practice sessions, but also so slow." Spirit of the hospital in the North, one covered with tree-lined gravel road, giuseppe zanotti shoes sale looking at some dissatisfaction behind the two teenagers, Jiaochi Road. Looking at the front of the slim giuseppe zanotti sneakers, lazy little point and said: "What ... are not so anxious to do some time yet?" "You idiot, so you are so slow, good location to practice field on the whole to be accounted for. "giuseppe zanotti shoes a white, said. giuseppe zanotti sneakers on sale helplessly shook his head, one side of Giuseppe Zanotti is take along a take along head, said: ". giuseppe zanotti sneakers, we still hear sister Qian children learn it faster," he looked at the girl that Jiaoqu exquisite graceful, stern face, but always is some blush. giuseppe zanotti shoes sale glanced at him a little surprised reddened face, could not help but laugh: "Do you like Qian child sister?" Giuseppe Zanotti instant face reddened, sweat on his forehead even have surfaced. Giuseppe Zanotti shoes outlet had a chance to say anything, but it is seen angry giuseppe zanotti sneakers on sale go back, slender legs raised, was severely kicked directly on knees. "You're talking nonsense again, believe it or not I beat you?" giuseppe zanotti sneakers stood, said. Knee pain so that was uploaded to Giuseppe Zanotti, but he saw that ruffled giuseppe zanotti sneakers men, the girl seems to have noticed some angry, immediately dry cough loudly, quickly said:. "Come on, go practice field."

giuseppe zanotti shoes croon heard again before walking, walking and said: "You come day of the session, be new, the future should pay more attention to the point, very troublesome days of the session, many of the annoying guy pretending to be old-fashioned, though your father was a keeper domain Lord, but in this North spirit hospital, many people do not buy it. "" Qian child sister, you see, I like, I like to use the identity of the father to put pressure on people who do? "Giuseppe Zanotti chuckle loudly, said. giuseppe zanotti sneakers on sale thought, That nodded his first cicada in North Spirit courtyard, giuseppe zanotti shoes really did not how the identity of his father hanging in the mouth, all his fame, all rely on their winnings. "You know, like ..." giuseppe zanotti sneakers Chen Dao. "Those rather hardened another day of the session, and you know, not how tease, they are not qualified to embark on, but it is such a hassle." giuseppe zanotti shoes sale nodded, he knew who said what rather hardened refers giuseppe zanotti sneakers men are those who have not qualified for the "giuseppe zanotti sale", but have not yet veteran from North spirit hospital trainees. These students because more than eighteen years of age are still not into the spirit wheel Jin territory's sake, have lost into the "giuseppe zanotti sale" qualifications, but not this goal, they surprisingly unexamined, some quite mixed with food to leave the taste, but also it is this man, but do not rule the North spirit hospital on the eyes, it is generally the case, there will be very few other people are willing to provoke them. "I do not like to mess with people." giuseppe zanotti sneakers men shook his head, did not say anything, but he was familiar with giuseppe zanotti sneakers but it is understood the meaning of his words, he did not provoke people, but if you want to provoke him who, I am afraid this watch seems to have a good-natured boy, Giuseppe Zanotti will get people to understand what is in vain. "Rest assured, I will protect you, and in this Eastern Hospital day of the session, I'm not afraid of anyone." giuseppe zanotti shoes sale Yanzui smiles tenderly, girls smile blossoming, quite moving. They saw the side of giuseppe zanotti sneakers men conversational laughing, but also in edgeways, can only honestly follow. Three all the way to the east side of North Spirit Hospital, ten minutes later, finally stopped, and the eyes look to the front, where the outside has a huge hall, hall, students are coming and going in a hurry and enter. giuseppe zanotti sneakers looked at this hall, in the eyes of passing touch of surprise color, he can feel, this piece of heaven and earth aura, as if attracted by the general, are rising in front of the Basilica of convergence away, the inside world of Reiki outside inevitable than strong. "This is ... spiritual matrix polymer, right?" giuseppe zanotti shoes road.

giuseppe zanotti sneakers nodded, somewhat proudly said: "This practice is the North Hall of the hospital's spiritual heartland, just only day of the session participants are eligible to enter the hall in this practice, North Spirit Hospital spent a great price, just from giuseppe zanotti sale please an array of spiritual teacher, arranged a three spiritual matrix polymer, and this is the spirit of our northern border only a three spiritual matrix polymer. "" three spiritual matrix polymer. "giuseppe zanotti shoes smacking his lips, spiritual matrix polymer is a very beneficial for practicing spiritual matrix, and as a small animal husbandry, the main domain, he is naturally very clear an array of three poly spiritual value, this level of spiritual matrix, and even they can not afford to grazing fields are arranged, do not say kind of rare materials required huge, even spiritual matrix division, which is spiritual environment is probably nothing forces can afford, the hospital can invite the Spirit of the North, and perhaps take a lot of human relations. "It is said giuseppe zanotti sale in, but with six or even higher levels of spiritual matrix polymer, where the practice, the speed compared to the outside, is simply incomparable." giuseppe zanotti sneakers some longing Road, just three spiritual matrix polymer has been so powerful, and the legend of the six spiritual matrix polymer, it really can not imagine some of it. "When you entered the giuseppe zanotti sale, naturally led by the, go, go." giuseppe zanotti shoes laughed, and then he took the lead out, toward the tall northern most precious spiritual hospital hall. Through the heavy door with a guard guarding, first introduced in the eye, is a vast square, among the roots covered with a huge stone pillars, above the pillars, covered with intricate tattoo, between light flashes , will give all the outside world of Reiki gathering room. "Whew." giuseppe zanotti shoes light breath, feeling the breath into the body along the TV drama rich aura, but also could not help but like a cry, indeed the three spiritual matrix polymer ah. "Practice time is coming, and we go, the closer to the central spiritual matrix, the more intense aura, we have to find a good location." giuseppe zanotti sneakers on sale pulled giuseppe zanotti sale, with giuseppe zanotti shoes sale walked toward the practice field of. At this point the practice field has been a lot of days of the session, trainees and giuseppe zanotti sneakers Eastern Hospital days in this session is obviously a great reputation, so people see her move, suddenly a lot of eyes are projected in the past.

These people spoke, his eyes also could not help but look to the practice field in another direction, where the number of channels being quiet and sit cross-legged figure, but this time their complexion, slightly somewhat gloomy, but the kind of dark eyes staring at the source , it took the giuseppe zanotti shoes. giuseppe zanotti sneakers being pulled giuseppe zanotti sneakers on sale, eyes sweeping the circle, would be to give all the eyes of the income of those eyes, immediately helpless smile, it seems that he underestimated the popularity of Eastern Hospital Giuseppe Zanotti session of the ah. "We sit here." giuseppe zanotti sneakers down did not care practice field in those eyes, pulled Giuseppe Zanotti went straight to the practice field, the then relying on a golden pillars inside the place stopped extending out in that stone pillars Taiwan next, with three like a jade-like futon. giuseppe zanotti shoes sale looked at the line of sight is to stay in the golden pillars, and then have a surprise color eyes crossed, because he could feel, in this golden pillars, the positive aura that comes out has a strong, obviously, this golden pillars this should be one of the few three spiritual matrix polymer poly spiritual pillar, column near the place where the spirit of practicing together, the effect is naturally better than elsewhere. "This is the root of poly spiritual pillar should be made ??of polyethylene began it, is indeed three spiritual matrix polymer ah." giuseppe zanotti shoes light like a cry, together began with a useful practice material, the price is not cheap, so in front of the whole body is completely made ??of polyethylene began with a polished poly spiritual pillar probably cost quite a lot of money, no wonder many people are spiritual matrix polymer as a financially strong influence whether or not the benchmark. giuseppe zanotti sneakers on sale nodded, hunker down, then stretched a little thin Yubi, slight chest, then suddenly sketched out some clothes curve radian moving, so that was a lot of attention secretly practicing field projection from.

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