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1) Where to ask for information about Bus Operations?
Ans. At Traffic Control Room on Telephone Nos. : 2413 7937, 2414 3611, 1800 227 550

2) Where Suggestions / Complaints about our operation / operating staff can be given?
Ans. At the Bus Stations / Bus Chowkies, where the Suggestion / Complaint book is provided. Suggestions / Complaints can also be lodged with the inspecting staff or by writing letter to BEST Officials. Through e-mail, at [email protected].

3) From where can ticket balance amount be collected ?
Ans. From Our Ticket & Cash Department Head Office (at Wadala Depot).

4) Where can articles lost in the bus be claimed ?
Ans. From Our Lost Property Section, Wadala Depot, after paying necessary charges.

5) Does BEST provide any assistance / help in case of accidents involving buses?
Ans. Yes, by giving hospitalization, monetary assistance and informing close relatives and friends.

6) How BEST buses can be reserved?
Ans. By entering into a contract with BEST and making necessary charges towards reservation, at Reservation Section, Wadala Depot.

7) How are complaints redressed?
Ans. By conducting a departmental enquiry against defaulting staff, in which case the complainant is called.

8) What are the concessional facilities given in bus fare?
Ans. Presently, the BEST provides free travel facility to the freedom fighters. Municipal Councilors and Non-Councilor Members of the BEST Committee are also permitted to travel free on BEST buses. Members of Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council, Female Members accompanied by any one viz. husband, son, daughter, father, mother, brother or sister are allowed to travel free on BEST buses. Police personnel are allowed to travel free on BEST buses against an ad-hoc payment of compensation towards free travel facility by the Government of Maharashtra. ""Divyang"" persons and ""Municipal School Students (For their To and Fro Journey to attend school)"" who are possessing RFID based identity card issued by the undertaking are also allowed to travel free of charge, while traveling in the bus they are issued with "Zero"" Value Tickets, This facility of free travel however is not available on Air-Conditioned bus services.