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Regulatory Matters and Procedure Order

Procedure Orders

Procedure Order 236 for Change of Name Cases

Annex I

Annex II

Annex III

Annex IV

Procedure Order 237

Procedure Order 231(A)

Procedure order 232A(Revised)

Procedure order no 224 (A)

Procedure Order 90D for requirement of space for Distribution substation & Receiving substation

Procedure Order No. 246 A

Extension of Amnesty Scheme 2018 - Procedure Order No.246.

Procedure Order No. 246 for Amnesty Scheme 2018

Amnesty Scheme 2018



Regulatory Matters

Advertisement & EoI Document for appointment of Consultancy Firm to assist BEST Undertaking in the Regulatory Matter.
MERC Order dated 02.01.2019 in Case No. 329 of 2018 about the methodology to be followed for determination of Power Factor (Lag or Lead) of Consumer in MTR Tariff Order.
MERC Order dtd. 30.11.2018 in Case No. 337 of 2018 for Review of MTR Order
Corrigendum dated 01.11.2018 to MTR Tariff Order
BEST's MTR Tariff Order dtd. 12.09.2018 in Case No. 203 of 2017.

Approved Tariff for Generation Business of Tata Power for FY 2016-17 to FY 2019-20 as per MERC Ordertd. 8th August-2016 in Case No. 32 of 2016



Public Notice regarding Consumers Rights Statement



Electricity Consumer's Rights Statement Booklet



Apply for Net metering ( Roof-top Solar System)

MERC (Net Metering for Roof-top Solar Photo Voltaic Systems) Regulations, 2015 on 10/09/2015

Contingency Plan for load shedding by BEST Undertaking.

The copy of long term Power Purchase Agreement with M/s. Welspun Energy Maharashtra Pvt. Ltd. for 20 MW Solar Power

Government Resolution / Order on Electricity Duty and Tax on Sale of Electricity

Maharashtra Electricity Duty Rates applicable w.e.f. billing month of April 2015.



Maharashtra Tax on sale of Electricity rates w.e.f. 1st Junuary 2019

Maharashtra tax on Sale of Electricity

MERC's FAC Vetting Report

MERC's FAC Vetting Report dtd. 1st November-2018 for BEST for the period from April-2018 to June-2018.

MERC's FAC Vetting Report dtd. 19th October-2018 for BEST for the period from January-2018 to March-2018.

MERC's FAC Vetting Report dtd. 3rd April-2018 for BEST for the period from October-2017 to December-2017.

MERC's FAC Vetting Report for the period from July-2017 to September-2017

MERC's FAC Vetting Report dtd. 3rd November-2017 for BEST for the period from April-2017 to June-2017.

MERC's FAC Vetting Report dtd. 13th Sept-2017 for BEST for the period from January to March 2017.