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Construction of Transformer foundations and providing and fixing at position M.S. Angle gates and M.S. Angle fencing with M.S. posts to outdoor partition of proposed Kingsway Static Substation at Dadar (East).



XEN(BWS) / Quot - 01 /2020 dated 24.06.2020

Providing RCC spun pipe line with collecting chambers and carrying out allied civil works at additional plot at Cattle Market, Goregaon (East) Bus Station.



AGM(C) C3/ 1 /2020-21 /

Repairs and maintenance works of various structures and yards in the jurisdiction of various premises under Building South Zone.


AGM(C) C3/ 2 /2020-21 /

Repairs and maintenance works of various structures and yards in the jurisdiction of various premises under Building Eastern Suburbs


AGM(C) C3/ 3 /2020-21 /

Repairs and maintenance works of various structures and yards in the jurisdiction of various premises under Building Western Suburbs


AGM(C) C3/ 4 /2020-21 /

Raising the height of South and West side compound wall by Galvalume sheet walling, closing the opening of Transformer Bay nos.5 and 6 alongwith allied civil works at Veej Bhavan Receiving, Backbay.


AGM(C) C3/ 5 /2020-21 /

Carrying out miscellenious civil works including internal painting in Data Centre Office on 2nd floor Annexe Building at Colaba Bus Depot.


AGM(C) C3/ 6 /2020-21 /

Replacing the deteriorated WC pans & T W doors and repairs to white glazed tiles & allied civil works in the Ground floor toilets of Engineering Building at Deonar Bus Depot.


AGM(C) C3/ 7 /2020-21 /

Cleaning of sewer, waste, storm water lines, open drains, gully traps, Inspection Chambers & septic tanks, etc. of various premsies under the jurisdiction of Dharavi and Kurla Bus Depots.


AGM(C) C3/ 8 /2020-21 /

Demolition of Shed No.6 at Anik/Pratiksha Nagar Bus Depot and taking away the released material


XEN(BS)/Sub-Stn /Box-63- V / Quot No. 2/ 2020-21

Casting of RCC Louvers for Substation Department at Tardeo Bus Station Complex and Replacement of existing broken Rolling Shutter with allied civil works at 'Saraswat Bank' Substation at Nanabhai Lane & D. N.Road, Fort.


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