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1) What should I do to increase load in my premises?
Ans. You have to approach the ward offices of the Customer Care Departments and  submit a prescribed requisition form. You will be permitted to use additional power after meeting of compliances like Test Report, deposit & installation of higher capacity meter if required by BEST.

2) How can I improve power factor?
Ans. The power factor can be improved by installing capacitors. You have to approach a authorized Licensed Electrical Contractor to carry out the work of Capacitor installation.

3) What is a Compact Fluorescent Lamp (CFL)?
Ans. It is a special lamp, which delivers more lumen output at less watts. Compared to ordinary tungsten filament lamps for the same wattage. Example: 11 watts CFL is equivalent to 60 watts ordinary Tungsten Filament lamp.

4) Will CFL reduce my electric bill?
Ans. Yes, because for the same illumination level less wattage CFL can be used.

5) Is it necessary to install earth leakage circuit Breakers (ELCB) ?
Ans. Earth leakage circuit breakers, are circuit breakers which trip at very small leakage currents from defective appliances. ELCB is necessary to protect us from electric shocks. It is mandatory for all 3 phase loads & loads above 5 kW.

6) What safety precautions should be taken to avoid accidents?
Ans. Check wiring of your premises, if it is deteriorated get it replaced by authorized Licensed Electrical Contractors only.
Electric meter room should be waterproof and well ventilated. All appliances should be properly grounded.
ELCBS should be provided on the wiring installation.

7) What is the minimum space required for establishing a sub-station?
Ans. The minimum standard requirements of space for establishing a sub-station is space of 8 meters by 5 meters, approximately 40 square meters.

8) To whom the BES&T Undertaking has awarded the contract for display of advertisement on street light poles in old city limits of Mumbai ?
Ans. The BES&T Undertaking has awarded The contract for display of advertisement on street light poles in old city limits of Mumbai is awarded to :-

M/s. Rakesh Advertising Pvt. Ltd.
701 & 702, 7th Floor, Morya Blue Moon,
Next to Monginis Factory,
Off New Link Road, Andheri (W),
Mumbai 400 053.

Contact No. 022-40631100
Email :- info@rakeshads.in

9) What is the period of kiosk affixing on street light pole contract ?
Ans. The period of kiosk affixing on street light pole contract is from 1.4.2016 to 31.3.2019.

10) How many street light poles are granted to the Kiosk contractor for kiosk affixing on street light poles contract ?
Ans. The total no. of poles are 30,673 excluding JJ Flyover, Senapati Bapat Bridge,Tulsi Pipe Bridge, Love Grove Bridge, Sion Flyover & Wadala Truck Terminal Road and all the garden and playgrounds. are granted to the Kiosk contractor.

11) Why the JJ flyover, Senapati Bapat Bridge, Tulsi Pipe Bridge, Love Grove Bridge, Sion Flyover Bridge are excluded from kiosk contract ?
Ans. The above stated bridges kiosk contract has been awarded by MSRDC.

12) To whom to contact in case of any display of Kiosk complaint ?
Ans. In case of any display of Kiosk complaint, you may contact either at BES&T Undertaking, DCESL office, Sewree. Contact No.022- 24101793 (Charge Engr.,Deputy Engr.,& Supdt.Engr.)

Email :-dcesl@bestundertaking.com


You may register your complaint Undertaking system complaint register No. 022-22843939.
Email :-dcesl@bestundertaking.com


You may contact to M/s. Rakesh Advertising Pvt. Ltd.
On their Contact No. 022-40631100. Email :- info@rakeshads.in



1) Where to ask for information about Bus Operations
Ans. At Traffic Control Room on Telephone Nos. : 2413 7937, 2414 3611, 1800 227 550

2) Where Suggestions / Complaints about our operation / operating staff can be given
Ans. At the Bus Stations / Bus Chowkies, where the Suggestion / Complaint book is provided. Suggestions / Complaints can also be lodged with the inspecting staff or by writing letter to BEST Officials. Through e-mail, at transport@bestundertaking.com.

3) From where can ticket balance amount be collected ?
Ans. From Our Ticket & Cash Department Head Office (at Wadala Depot).

4) Where can articles lost in the bus be claimed ?
Ans. From Our Lost Property Section, Wadala Depot, after paying necessary charges.

5) Does BEST provide any assistance / help in case of accidents involving buses?
Ans. Yes, by giving hospitalization, monetary assistance and informing close relatives and friends.

6) How BEST buses can be reserved?
Ans. By entering into a contract with BEST and making necessary charges towards reservation, at Reservation Section, Wadala Depot.

7) How are complaints redressed?
Ans. By conducting a departmental enquiry against defaulting staff, in which case the complainant is called.

8) What are the concessional facilities given in bus fare?
a. Flat fare of Rs. 2/- to blind person
b. Children below 12 years of age, are charged concessional fare. Students studying upto higher secondary and upto the age of 22 years, are charged concessional fare.
c. Persons who are 60% and above permanently orthopaedically handicapped are charged concessional fares.